Top 10 Things to Bring on an Airplane

This is not really easy to talk about as its still kind of a sore subject between my significant other and myself. Last year we decided to pass on a trip to Cuba and instead took an 8-day self-guided Fly & Drive Ireland trip. The trip itself was AWESOME! And we both highly recommend going to Ireland. However... Continue Reading →


Friday Afternoon near O’Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland

Thanking the bus driver, we stepped on to the sidewalk, amongst the noisy 4-lane thoroughfare. It was packed with people, bicycles, double-decker buses and rows upon rows of brownstone buildings one next the other. Welcome to O'Connell street! Its one of the busier streets in the heart of Dublin. Unsure of which direction to head, we... Continue Reading →

Swords to Dublin via Public Express Bus

After spending most of the morning dealing with the Rental Car and learning how to adjust to the TDI Blue Motion Automatic car which disengages the engine every time you stop at a street light or stop sign, we finally made it to our first bed & breakfast; San Augustine B&B. A quick chat with... Continue Reading →

As the Wheels Turn

Left foot presses down on the clutch and it goes inward as my left hand moves over the shifter knob and moves it from 1st gear into 2nd as my left foot departs the clutch and my right presses on the gas. The RPMs begin to climb 2300, 2400, 2500 just as our tires bounce over a... Continue Reading →

Really… It is November!

Okay... so I have been slacking off during the summer months, collecting my thoughts, getting geared up, going into the mountains, traveling about the countryside, sharing my ideas with anyone and looking for the next Road Trip, in my schedule. What I failed to do is write in this blog. What I can tell you,... Continue Reading →

Luggage and the 12-hours before Departure

In 12-hours, the car will be packed with carry-on luggage consisting of one backpack, one 19-inch roller and a small messenger bag. If you actually saw these items, sitting together in the airport then you might just imagine all of this luggage belongs to a single traveller embarking on a vacation or a business trip. Of course,... Continue Reading →

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