15-days of Reuniting with Gym

Yep, you read that title correctly. I have just spent the last 15-days getting reacquainted with the place where people go to work off fat, build a healthy heart, increase muscle tone and definition. My life at the gym looks like a rollercoaster ride in any theme park across the country. There are the low... Continue Reading →


Go to the Gym and Get some EXERCISE!

About two months ago, I saw the doctor. His advice, "Go to the gym and get some exercise." Well that's pretty easy, since I am a member of the YMCA of Northern Alberta. Then thing is, is I have been irregularly going to the gym for about 2-years now. I go and play floor hockey, shoot... Continue Reading →

Healthy Eating

The ultimate concession is getting yourself situated in a mind set where you understand that Nutrition plays as BIG a part as getting yourself to the gym. You need to learn to build a routine based both around the gym and around what you are putting into your body. There are 1,000 or more different... Continue Reading →

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