A Work Day Trip to Fort McMurray, Should You Fly or Drive?

Last week during our biweekly Friday afternoon project meeting the sales guy says over the speaker phone, "well I will be up there next week on Wednesday the 28th for a walk through for this RFB (request for bid). Perhaps we can meet up to discuss this projects progress and go over a few other... Continue Reading →


Crawling Out of the Holiday Snakeskin at Work

Its been a bit over a week since our return to civilization and a bit under a week at work. The groggy hangover of vacation is lingering in my spirit. And of course I am far from being back to full tilt work mode. The pain of returning to work as a Project Manager (PM),... Continue Reading →

Getting Lost in 2-way Portable Radio Communications

In passing through the web, you may have accidentally come across the term "ham radio",¬†and like myself you probably ignored the term and just kept on surfing the web. As it turns out, about four years ago, I started working for a small telecommunications company whose sole purpose is selling 2-way radio networks, designed networks,... Continue Reading →

2-Way Radio, the Hub of Communication

It all started a few years back when I applied for a job at a small telecommunications company which primarily services 2-way radio network clients, digital infrastructure, and building radio networks. Back then, I was a lowly clerk, learning the ropes from inside a warehouse, understanding day-to-day operations, invoicing and having an extremely small understanding... Continue Reading →

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