Six Weeks of Summer Enjoyment as a UAV Pilot

It started with purchasing a micro-airplane in June of 2017, when I casually entered the RC shop known as Great Hobbies on the Southside of Edmonton. It was one of those RTF (Ready to fly) $150.00 planes on sale for $79.95 because the model was being discontinued. The best part of RTF airplanes is they... Continue Reading →


Camera Down, Camera Down… What’s Next?

Just before our pilgrimage to Ireland in April 2016, I sent out a search party and performed in-depth research on compact point-and-shoot digital cameras. For the longest time, I had been a Canon EOS-1N RS or Mamiya M645 shooter. I loved both brands. It gave me the best of both worlds. Fast SLR, fast crisp... Continue Reading →

Have You Turned Off Your Social Media?

Have you tried to turn off social media? And in the process have you become MORE social? This is my social experiment. Its a complete oxymoron in the present day and age, that people are unable to, or unwilling to, disconnect themselves from "social media". A lot of people will have zero idea what this... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things to Bring on an Airplane

This is not really easy to talk about as its still kind of a sore subject between my significant other and myself. Last year we decided to pass on a trip to Cuba and instead took an 8-day self-guided Fly & Drive Ireland trip. The trip itself was AWESOME! And we both highly recommend going to Ireland. However... Continue Reading →

This Guys Perspective: Laptop or Tablet or Hybrid

Here it is, this guys' perspective on buying a laptop or tablet. Let's do a quick run down of computers that I have owned in my lifetime, which will totally give me a bias towards laptops. I had my first desktop back in my first year of college. I bought it off a graphic design... Continue Reading →

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