The Lighter Side of Travel

In a short couple of months, we will set off on a long distance road trip to the East Coast of Canada, also known as The Maritimes. The drive alone is enough to frighten any right minded human being. We will be traveling around 4,800 kilometres in one direction. Our starting point, is due west of the... Continue Reading →


You Make Choices and You Don’t Look Back

It's a simple mantra, "you make choices and you don't look back". One that anyone of you, including myself could follow. I sit pondering the pointless abyss in front of me. It is the space between where I am and where I think I ought to be going. Its the road less travelled. About ten years... Continue Reading →

if your mother was a monkey what would you be?

Yep that's right, I totally wrote this random sentence "if your mother was a monkey what would you be?" into Google Search to see what it came up with? And these are the first three sites which popped up. I should have read further than the intros but this is some really strange entries. And... Continue Reading →

“Calling All Investors,” Shouted the Stock Exchange

You have heard the same news I have about retirement, saving for your future and making wise investments to support yourself when you "one day retire". Yes, everyone is "calling all investors" to take a gamble on your future, or be left behind. There are mutual funds, GIC's, IRA's, RRSP's, TFSA's, LIRA's, savings, compounds, stock... Continue Reading →

This Week Just Keeps on Trucking By

Do you ever have that feeling, that your week just blew by in a New York Minute? Seriously... Everyday after work, I have not departed the building at my regular 5:00pm end of shift time. I have left work at 5:30pm, 6:45pm, 7:15pm or some other nuance after 5:30pm just to catch up on the... Continue Reading →

50+ Hours a Week and NOW, Its Mid-December, Ouch!

First, you and I both know its a been sometime since I sat down at the old keyboard just to hash out a few words into this here blog. My good intentions since summer have failed due to the numerous tasks mounting at work and those at home. I have been struggling probably just as... Continue Reading →

Today, A Bright Pink Package Arrived in the Mail

What is the silliest story that you have heard of in the last 24-hours? Honestly, there are hundreds of stories which occur every single day. All of my stories tonight revolve around my wife, her antics and her workplace. Unfortunately her workplace antics tonight are "classified" and I am unable to share the what happened,... Continue Reading →

Ghost Town

Finishing our third game of Dominion Intrigue at 12:19am Sunday morning. My head still sneezing for three-hours now, the sinuses clogging with clear fluids as my nose slowly gets worse. Standing up we go in search of a medicine cabinet. My wife begins digging and reading labels in her parents bathroom seeking out cold and sinus medication while... Continue Reading →

We Can Hit the Trails Together

Let me take you on a journey, back, back, waaaaaay back, to nineteen-eighty-five to where this assorted tale begins. You see I grew up in a house with 2-siblings; one older and one younger. Yep, I was the middle child (& still am), and I was always trying to keep up with the older brother, yet be... Continue Reading →

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