The Return to Civilization

Yesterday, I felt like a bus had run me over then caught my pant leg by the cuff and drug me across a couple of speedbumps as the jetlag exponged itself on my being. The reason for this was our planes' departure was delayed due to inclement weather on the plane coming down to Huatulco.... Continue Reading →


Final Thoughts on 10 Days of Condo Living in Huatulco, Mexico

In the final hours of our last day here in Huatulco, we have been packing and gathering our thoughts about the time we have spent here with our friends, getting to know this area, adventures from Pluma Hidalgo to La Bocana, meeting new people and tasting new cuisine. Reminiscing about our trials and tribulations around... Continue Reading →

A Tornado of Activity from Playa Chahue to La Bocana and Back Again

I say this now sitting on the couch with joyous glee on my face, a belly full of fine dining and legs which just will not stand up anymore today. Our day in paradiso (paradise), kickstarted at 7:43am, when I rolled out of bed heading for the bathroom. As I darted across the hallway half... Continue Reading →

A Mid-Morning Taxi Ride to Bahia Maguey

Our plan for today was walk down the hill and into the local shopping market to purchase 2x snorkel kits 2x sunscreen bottles 1x sunglasses Then make our way outside to catch s taxi to a nearby beach called Bahia Maguey. This particular beach is about 2 miles from our condo in Santa Cruz. It... Continue Reading →

What Constitutes a Successful Fishing Trip?

Everything that I do best happens after 2pm, so when I asked Tony, "what time are we leaving for the dock?" And his reply was "we leave at 6:15am." I must have winced because his response to whatever gesture my face pulled was, "you said you wanted to go deep sea fishing? Then this is... Continue Reading →

Seven Lessons of Learning to Paddleboard

Sometime last summer the wife had been pestering me about trying the new sport of paddleboarding back home in Alberta. Not exactly high on my list of things to try, and not one to back down from at least giving it a go. Before we even arrived in Mexico the wife had read on one... Continue Reading →

Dinner and a Stroll Through the Streets of La Crucecita

Let's get straight to the point, our condo mates asked us to join them for a nice dinner in the town of La Crucecita instead of cooking dinner in the condo. Everyone showered and dressed for an evening out on the town. After rising this morning Nancy hopped onto a local Facebook page called What's... Continue Reading →

What Happns when you Land at Huatulco International Airport ?

Seven hours and fifty-six minutes later, I'm still wondering how we actually made it thru Huatulco International Airport in less than fifteen minutes ? What I mean by this is the Westjet flight we were on, landed on the tarmac about 11:16am roughly twenty-three minutes ahead of schedule. The flight attendant announced on the intercom... Continue Reading →

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