Tis’ the Season for Spring

Well its finally arrived: S P R I N G, flower blossoms are starting to pOp Out of there weathered tree limbs, the ground is slowly unthawing and melting the remainder of snow piles and the glorious thunder of motorcycle tailpipes have exploded onto the roadways. There is a lingering sense amongst us all... as... Continue Reading →


Today’s Lesson Learned is About Adventure Hiking in Mexico

There are rules every hiker knows and should obey when they set out to wander through a bush, forest or land which they are both unfamiliar with and/or familiar with, these rules are; Tell someone who is not on the hike where you are going. This includes approximate time getting onto the trail, how long... Continue Reading →

Driving on an Unmarked Backcountry Road in Search of a Tall Tree

Seven point five kilometres northwest of Port Renfrew is an unmarked road which if you drive it, it will take you to a place where trees have been growing for thousands of years.  These trees are of the cedar variety and can grow over 11metres in circumference! The area is now known as Avatar Grove... Continue Reading →

Two Trailheads, One Dedication and a Spectacular Viewpoint

After the five minute run down with base camp ranger Bob, about the "do's and dont's" of Telegraph Cove Campground, we hopped into the car and drove up to our site.  Looking over site #E104, we came to terms with its layout as long as we moved the picnic table over and laid our tent... Continue Reading →

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