A Work Day Trip to Fort McMurray, Should You Fly or Drive?

Last week during our biweekly Friday afternoon project meeting the sales guy says over the speaker phone, "well I will be up there next week on Wednesday the 28th for a walk through for this RFB (request for bid). Perhaps we can meet up to discuss this projects progress and go over a few other... Continue Reading →


Unknown Roads Will Take You to Amazing Destintations

There is a place down a roadway which I cannot describe how to get to or get out of. It is a roadway which starts after the turn off for San Augustin and before a very large bridge. I recall there being road marker signs near the side of the road and painted on it... Continue Reading →

Today’s Lesson Learned is About Adventure Hiking in Mexico

There are rules every hiker knows and should obey when they set out to wander through a bush, forest or land which they are both unfamiliar with and/or familiar with, these rules are; Tell someone who is not on the hike where you are going. This includes approximate time getting onto the trail, how long... Continue Reading →

You Make Choices and You Don’t Look Back

It's a simple mantra, "you make choices and you don't look back". One that anyone of you, including myself could follow. I sit pondering the pointless abyss in front of me. It is the space between where I am and where I think I ought to be going. Its the road less travelled. About ten years... Continue Reading →

From the Dentist Chair to the Desk Chair

Here's the deal... I live along main street in small town with a population of 14,000 people. When it is not business hours the main street is like a ghost town. The best thing about this small town is that I have the dentist and optometrist across the street. So, whenever I book an appointment, I... Continue Reading →

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