A Mid-Morning Taxi Ride to Bahia Maguey

Our plan for today was walk down the hill and into the local shopping market to purchase 2x snorkel kits 2x sunscreen bottles 1x sunglasses Then make our way outside to catch s taxi to a nearby beach called Bahia Maguey. This particular beach is about 2 miles from our condo in Santa Cruz. It... Continue Reading →


A Sunday Afternoon Walk

Earlier today, I went for a stroll around town as our weather is magnificent for a February. It's above zero degrees Celsius which is unheard of around these parts. Literally, it nearly broke the historical records for highest temperature which was set in 2006 at 11.6C (or it could be global warming?) take your pick.... Continue Reading →

Ghost Town

Finishing our third game of Dominion Intrigue at 12:19am Sunday morning. My head still sneezing for three-hours now, the sinuses clogging with clear fluids as my nose slowly gets worse. Standing up we go in search of a medicine cabinet. My wife begins digging and reading labels in her parents bathroom seeking out cold and sinus medication while... Continue Reading →

Food Prep, It’s a Sunday Afternoon Thing

It's 1:22pm on Sunday afternoon, I sit here typing into the blog when I hear, "Hey James, what would you like to eat for lunch this week?" my wife asks. She's all dolled up in her Brazilian cooking apron, she's getting ready to read recipes, plan the weekly food schedule, prep the veggies, tofu and spices then... Continue Reading →

An Average Sunday Morning

Tick-tick-tick the seconds round up the clock until the arms strike 12. It's midnight in our home and the view down to the street is veiled in a thin sheen of melted snow. Turning the knob counterclockwise on the lamp its bulb slowly fades, dimmed then darkness. Our drapes leak light through the white tree-pattern... Continue Reading →

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