What its like to Attend a Police Auction?

While perusing the EBC website, I came across a notice about a Police Auction taking place at Reid's Auction┬áhouse, on Saturday June 2 at 10:00am. As it turns out, Reid's hosts a monthly Police Auction on the first Saturday of every month. They have a viewing the day before from 10am to 4pm and on... Continue Reading →


What Constitutes a Successful Fishing Trip?

Everything that I do best happens after 2pm, so when I asked Tony, "what time are we leaving for the dock?" And his reply was "we leave at 6:15am." I must have winced because his response to whatever gesture my face pulled was, "you said you wanted to go deep sea fishing? Then this is... Continue Reading →

This Guys Perspective: Laptop or Tablet or Hybrid

Here it is, this guys' perspective on buying a laptop or tablet. Let's do a quick run down of computers that I have owned in my lifetime, which will totally give me a bias towards laptops. I had my first desktop back in my first year of college. I bought it off a graphic design... Continue Reading →

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