if your mother was a monkey what would you be?

Yep that's right, I totally wrote this random sentence "if your mother was a monkey what would you be?" into Google Search to see what it came up with? And these are the first three sites which popped up. I should have read further than the intros but this is some really strange entries. And... Continue Reading →


50+ Hours a Week and NOW, Its Mid-December, Ouch!

First, you and I both know its a been sometime since I sat down at the old keyboard just to hash out a few words into this here blog. My good intentions since summer have failed due to the numerous tasks mounting at work and those at home. I have been struggling probably just as... Continue Reading →

What takes 1,036 Kilometres, 12 hours and 33 minutes to accomplish? 

A spur of the moment decision along the road way that we do not need to stop in Invermere to play a round of golf and instead we should try to make it home to our own bed, which we have not seen in 14-days! In early September, we took 2-weeks off work for an... Continue Reading →

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