What its like to Attend a Police Auction?

While perusing the EBC website, I came across a notice about a Police Auction taking place at Reid's Auction house, on Saturday June 2 at 10:00am. As it turns out, Reid's hosts a monthly Police Auction on the first Saturday of every month. They have a viewing the day before from 10am to 4pm and on... Continue Reading →


Tis’ the Season for Spring

Well its finally arrived: S P R I N G, flower blossoms are starting to pOp Out of there weathered tree limbs, the ground is slowly unthawing and melting the remainder of snow piles and the glorious thunder of motorcycle tailpipes have exploded onto the roadways. There is a lingering sense amongst us all... as... Continue Reading →

A Work Day Trip to Fort McMurray, Should You Fly or Drive?

Last week during our biweekly Friday afternoon project meeting the sales guy says over the speaker phone, "well I will be up there next week on Wednesday the 28th for a walk through for this RFB (request for bid). Perhaps we can meet up to discuss this projects progress and go over a few other... Continue Reading →

Unknown Roads Will Take You to Amazing Destintations

There is a place down a roadway which I cannot describe how to get to or get out of. It is a roadway which starts after the turn off for San Augustin and before a very large bridge. I recall there being road marker signs near the side of the road and painted on it... Continue Reading →

A Tornado of Activity from Playa Chahue to La Bocana and Back Again

I say this now sitting on the couch with joyous glee on my face, a belly full of fine dining and legs which just will not stand up anymore today. Our day in paradiso (paradise), kickstarted at 7:43am, when I rolled out of bed heading for the bathroom. As I darted across the hallway half... Continue Reading →

A Mid-Morning Taxi Ride to Bahia Maguey

Our plan for today was walk down the hill and into the local shopping market to purchase 2x snorkel kits 2x sunscreen bottles 1x sunglasses Then make our way outside to catch s taxi to a nearby beach called Bahia Maguey. This particular beach is about 2 miles from our condo in Santa Cruz. It... Continue Reading →

What Constitutes a Successful Fishing Trip?

Everything that I do best happens after 2pm, so when I asked Tony, "what time are we leaving for the dock?" And his reply was "we leave at 6:15am." I must have winced because his response to whatever gesture my face pulled was, "you said you wanted to go deep sea fishing? Then this is... Continue Reading →

Dinner and a Stroll Through the Streets of La Crucecita

Let's get straight to the point, our condo mates asked us to join them for a nice dinner in the town of La Crucecita instead of cooking dinner in the condo. Everyone showered and dressed for an evening out on the town. After rising this morning Nancy hopped onto a local Facebook page called What's... Continue Reading →

Today’s Lesson Learned is About Adventure Hiking in Mexico

There are rules every hiker knows and should obey when they set out to wander through a bush, forest or land which they are both unfamiliar with and/or familiar with, these rules are; Tell someone who is not on the hike where you are going. This includes approximate time getting onto the trail, how long... Continue Reading →

You Make Choices and You Don’t Look Back

It's a simple mantra, "you make choices and you don't look back". One that anyone of you, including myself could follow. I sit pondering the pointless abyss in front of me. It is the space between where I am and where I think I ought to be going. Its the road less travelled. About ten years... Continue Reading →

if your mother was a monkey what would you be?

Yep that's right, I totally wrote this random sentence "if your mother was a monkey what would you be?" into Google Search to see what it came up with? And these are the first three sites which popped up. I should have read further than the intros but this is some really strange entries. And... Continue Reading →

This Week Just Keeps on Trucking By

Do you ever have that feeling, that your week just blew by in a New York Minute? Seriously... Everyday after work, I have not departed the building at my regular 5:00pm end of shift time. I have left work at 5:30pm, 6:45pm, 7:15pm or some other nuance after 5:30pm just to catch up on the... Continue Reading →

50+ Hours a Week and NOW, Its Mid-December, Ouch!

First, you and I both know its a been sometime since I sat down at the old keyboard just to hash out a few words into this here blog. My good intentions since summer have failed due to the numerous tasks mounting at work and those at home. I have been struggling probably just as... Continue Reading →

What takes 1,036 Kilometres, 12 hours and 33 minutes to accomplish? 

A spur of the moment decision along the road way that we do not need to stop in Invermere to play a round of golf and instead we should try to make it home to our own bed, which we have not seen in 14-days! In early September, we took 2-weeks off work for an... Continue Reading →

Today, A Bright Pink Package Arrived in the Mail

What is the silliest story that you have heard of in the last 24-hours? Honestly, there are hundreds of stories which occur every single day. All of my stories tonight revolve around my wife, her antics and her workplace. Unfortunately her workplace antics tonight are "classified" and I am unable to share the what happened,... Continue Reading →

From the Dentist Chair to the Desk Chair

Here's the deal... I live along main street in small town with a population of 14,000 people. When it is not business hours the main street is like a ghost town. The best thing about this small town is that I have the dentist and optometrist across the street. So, whenever I book an appointment, I... Continue Reading →

Did Someone Say “May”?

The best thing I can say is... what happened to April? No. Seriously... where did it go? Okay, so, I failed to post as many articles as I was hoping to. Which coincidentally seems to be my pattern over the last couple of years. Super strong start in January. Pretty well in February. Petering out... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Afternoon Walk

Earlier today, I went for a stroll around town as our weather is magnificent for a February. It's above zero degrees Celsius which is unheard of around these parts. Literally, it nearly broke the historical records for highest temperature which was set in 2006 at 11.6C (or it could be global warming?) take your pick.... Continue Reading →

This Guys Perspective: Laptop or Tablet or Hybrid

Here it is, this guys' perspective on buying a laptop or tablet. Let's do a quick run down of computers that I have owned in my lifetime, which will totally give me a bias towards laptops. I had my first desktop back in my first year of college. I bought it off a graphic design... Continue Reading →

Ghost Town

Finishing our third game of Dominion Intrigue at 12:19am Sunday morning. My head still sneezing for three-hours now, the sinuses clogging with clear fluids as my nose slowly gets worse. Standing up we go in search of a medicine cabinet. My wife begins digging and reading labels in her parents bathroom seeking out cold and sinus medication while... Continue Reading →

We Can Hit the Trails Together

Let me take you on a journey, back, back, waaaaaay back, to nineteen-eighty-five to where this assorted tale begins. You see I grew up in a house with 2-siblings; one older and one younger. Yep, I was the middle child (& still am), and I was always trying to keep up with the older brother, yet be... Continue Reading →

Food Prep, It’s a Sunday Afternoon Thing

It's 1:22pm on Sunday afternoon, I sit here typing into the blog when I hear, "Hey James, what would you like to eat for lunch this week?" my wife asks. She's all dolled up in her Brazilian cooking apron, she's getting ready to read recipes, plan the weekly food schedule, prep the veggies, tofu and spices then... Continue Reading →

An Average Sunday Morning

Tick-tick-tick the seconds round up the clock until the arms strike 12. It's midnight in our home and the view down to the street is veiled in a thin sheen of melted snow. Turning the knob counterclockwise on the lamp its bulb slowly fades, dimmed then darkness. Our drapes leak light through the white tree-pattern... Continue Reading →

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