What is on the Horizon near Sainte-Flavie, Quebec?

"What is on the horizon," I pointed out the window, "over there behind that building. It looks like driftwood sticking out of the water? Or maybe its an old pier with no boardwalk planks," my arm now out the window as the wife slowed down from 60kmph to 30. "Your right. What is that?" she... Continue Reading →


An Afternoon near Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec

Arriving just after 3:30pm, several locals in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec were standing on this pier trying their luck at casting their fishing lines in the hopes of catching a trout, or maybe a perch, or whatever else might be biting in the Saint Lawerence river on this evening. The breeze on the pier was just too... Continue Reading →

Head North on Route 299 Beatrice Informed

"The peninsula is an amazing place full of friendly Quebec-Acadians and their history. However if you have a few days before wanting to be in Quebec City than I suggest going all the way around route 132, through the town of Gaspe. Otherwise I would suggest taking 132 until you reach the north route 299,"... Continue Reading →

Overland Decisions of Weary Eyed Travelers

After drinks in the Bathurst lounge we sat in our hotel room and decided on two things: first we were going to skip out on taking a ferry across the St Lawerence and second we were going to slow down our pace until we found a nice town to spend a few days in. With... Continue Reading →

Conversations in a Bathurst Lounge

Pursuing the menu at the lounge, the wife ordered a 9-ounce local red wine and I, a local Bathurst IPA. As we sipped our beverages, we talked and laughed about the absurd drive here. Eventually our minds rested on the 'what to do tomorrow' topic. I pulled out the ol' Samsung Note5 and fired up... Continue Reading →

Maritimes or Bust… Perhaps We Should Do Some Research Before We Go?

Last year for our annual April holiday, the wife and I, decided on a two week road trip with our main goal to camp, golf and explore the east coast of Vancouver Island. The only two decisions we pre-made about our road trip to the Island were: We must drive to the farthest northeastern town... Continue Reading →

The Lighter Side of Travel

In a short couple of months, we will set off on a long distance road trip to the East Coast of Canada, also known as The Maritimes. The drive alone is enough to frighten any right minded human being. We will be traveling around 4,800 kilometres in one direction. Our starting point, is due west of the... Continue Reading →

Snuggled Bumper to Bumper along a Short Twisty Windy Road

I swear to you what I am about to say to you, "is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So, help me God." Or at least some version of it. A microcosm if you will. A handful of years ago, a young woman and a young man, decided to get married in... Continue Reading →

British Columbia Provides Golfers with Plenty to Shoot, Fore

Sometime back in August we spent a day on a golf course with family trying to escape the harsh winds of Calahoo Hills Golf Course in Alberta. The family cheered us on, as the wife and I, played in the foursome with her parents. In the end, the day was full of challenges and triumphant... Continue Reading →

What takes 1,036 Kilometres, 12 hours and 33 minutes to accomplish? 

A spur of the moment decision along the road way that we do not need to stop in Invermere to play a round of golf and instead we should try to make it home to our own bed, which we have not seen in 14-days! In early September, we took 2-weeks off work for an... Continue Reading →

Driving on an Unmarked Backcountry Road in Search of a Tall Tree

Seven point five kilometres northwest of Port Renfrew is an unmarked road which if you drive it, it will take you to a place where trees have been growing for thousands of years.  These trees are of the cedar variety and can grow over 11metres in circumference! The area is now known as Avatar Grove... Continue Reading →

Two Trailheads, One Dedication and a Spectacular Viewpoint

After the five minute run down with base camp ranger Bob, about the "do's and dont's" of Telegraph Cove Campground, we hopped into the car and drove up to our site.  Looking over site #E104, we came to terms with its layout as long as we moved the picnic table over and laid our tent... Continue Reading →

Did Your Tent Stake Break? Now What?

I know what you're thinking, "is his post title for real?" The answer: Yes What happened?  Well it started two years ago on another road trip. We were in Southern Idaho at Craters of the Moon campground and the lava ground was not accepting our tent stakes. Instead it was bending them in half.  After... Continue Reading →

10 Things to Do THIS Summer in Central Alberta Canada

What are potentially the Top 10 Things to Do This Summer in Central Alberta, Canada? Well, really there should be a list of about 100 things to do in Edmonton and the Metro surrounding area. Of course "metro" is a loose term since really the next biggest town with a population over 100,000 people is 2-hours... Continue Reading →

Really… It is November!

Okay... so I have been slacking off during the summer months, collecting my thoughts, getting geared up, going into the mountains, traveling about the countryside, sharing my ideas with anyone and looking for the next Road Trip, in my schedule. What I failed to do is write in this blog. What I can tell you,... Continue Reading →

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