Benches Along a Trail

There is a lonliness stuck between here and there in periods of life, which have wondered by in my thirtires and now taking place in my early-forties. It happens, this feeling of lonliness on Friday nights when in my twenties it was filled with phone calls to friends to set plans for the night. Those... Continue Reading →


The Origins of Turkey Day aka Thanksgiving in Canada!

Thanksgiving in Canada is on the second Monday of October every year. And those lovely people to the South of the boarder, commonly referred to around here as 'Merica, really have no clue when it comes to holidays in the country North of their boarder. Canadians have enjoyed Thanksgiving well before their counterparts to the South. And... Continue Reading →

Really… It is November!

Okay... so I have been slacking off during the summer months, collecting my thoughts, getting geared up, going into the mountains, traveling about the countryside, sharing my ideas with anyone and looking for the next Road Trip, in my schedule. What I failed to do is write in this blog. What I can tell you,... Continue Reading →

Untitled Composition

These eyes are fixated on the last sliver of space between the edge of the clouds and the horizon line. Ultra-violet shades of blue-green shimmering as the final glow of the day disappears. It feels like neglect watching those final minutes of time settle out of reach. Its just another realization of yet another fallen day.... Continue Reading →

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