Its True… I Complained and Diamond Parking Reduced, the Parking Ticket

Hi Diamond Parking, In all honesty, I would have paid for parking had I known the parking lot required payment for parking. And had I seen any signage indicating that the parking lot required payment for being in that specific lot. My wife and I, rarely go into the Garneau area of Edmonton due to... Continue Reading →


Is it Physical Therapy or Torture?

Lying on a sleeping mat, tucked inside my Big Agnes sleeping bag, just after turning off our headlamps as we are lying down for the night, in our tent on Vancouver Island, at Telegraph Cove, BC. This unimaginable sharp pain shot like a lightning bolt from my lower lumbar all the way down my right... Continue Reading →

Whose Committed to Researching for a New Laptop in 2018?

  Yep, its a word that I love "research" and I am totally into it, probably more than most people will want to admit. I am a RESEARCH GEEK. Seriously. I love it. Its the smell of the books, the crack of that spine and well the smile it brings as I read through stacks... Continue Reading →

The Craziest Thing Happened to Me the Other Day

No seriously! There is a 98% chance that you have NEVER EVER heard of this happening to a person, or yourself, or someone you know, or that you have even imagined this could happen! And I am hear, to tell you the TRUTH.  The first one arrived about March 2017, at first, we thought it was... Continue Reading →

This Week Just Keeps on Trucking By

Do you ever have that feeling, that your week just blew by in a New York Minute? Seriously... Everyday after work, I have not departed the building at my regular 5:00pm end of shift time. I have left work at 5:30pm, 6:45pm, 7:15pm or some other nuance after 5:30pm just to catch up on the... Continue Reading →

Go to the Gym and Get some EXERCISE!

About two months ago, I saw the doctor. His advice, "Go to the gym and get some exercise." Well that's pretty easy, since I am a member of the YMCA of Northern Alberta. Then thing is, is I have been irregularly going to the gym for about 2-years now. I go and play floor hockey, shoot... Continue Reading →

Food Prep, It’s a Sunday Afternoon Thing

It's 1:22pm on Sunday afternoon, I sit here typing into the blog when I hear, "Hey James, what would you like to eat for lunch this week?" my wife asks. She's all dolled up in her Brazilian cooking apron, she's getting ready to read recipes, plan the weekly food schedule, prep the veggies, tofu and spices then... Continue Reading →

A Discussion on Concussion

I was going to write something about something and then it turned into nothing about nothing. So here I am just typing to type because my computer is on and the page is before me. The discussion was going to discuss the phenomena which is "Resolutions at the gym" and how proud I am of... Continue Reading →

The Return of a New Year

Nearly three-hundred and sixty-five days ago, I sat on my couch, as I am doing right this very moment trying to decode how the previous year went. Did I meet my expectations? Did I accomplish my goals? Did I linger too long on one objective and forget another? Reviewing the previous year is always a... Continue Reading →

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