Nutrition… What is Really Good for You?

For nearly 18 months now, I have been telling my lovely wife that we need to go see a nutritionist to learn what the two of us require to meet our specific food intake, and how to properly feed our bodies in order to get the right calories, micronutrients, macronutrients, and feel healthy. In January,... Continue Reading →


Have You Turned Off Your Social Media?

Have you tried to turn off social media? And in the process have you become MORE social? This is my social experiment. Its a complete oxymoron in the present day and age, that people are unable to, or unwilling to, disconnect themselves from "social media". A lot of people will have zero idea what this... Continue Reading →

You Make Choices and You Don’t Look Back

It's a simple mantra, "you make choices and you don't look back".¬†One that anyone of you, including myself could follow. I sit pondering the pointless abyss in front of me. It is the space between where I am and where I think I ought to be going. Its the road less travelled. About ten years... Continue Reading →

if your mother was a monkey what would you be?

Yep that's right, I totally wrote this random sentence "if your mother was a monkey what would you be?" into Google Search to see what it came up with? And these are the first three sites which popped up. I should have read further than the intros but this is some really strange entries. And... Continue Reading →

“Calling All Investors,” Shouted the Stock Exchange

You have heard the same news I have about retirement, saving for your future and making wise investments to support yourself when you "one day retire". Yes, everyone is "calling all investors" to take a gamble on your future, or be left behind. There are mutual funds, GIC's, IRA's, RRSP's, TFSA's, LIRA's, savings, compounds, stock... Continue Reading →

15-days of Reuniting with Gym

Yep, you read that title correctly. I have just spent the last 15-days getting reacquainted with the place where people go to work off fat, build a healthy heart, increase muscle tone and definition. My life at the gym looks like a rollercoaster ride in any theme park across the country. There are the low... Continue Reading →

This Guys Perspective: Laptop or Tablet or Hybrid

Here it is, this guys' perspective on buying a laptop or tablet. Let's do a quick run down of computers that I have owned in my lifetime, which will totally give me a bias towards laptops. I had my first desktop back in my first year of college. I bought it off a graphic design... Continue Reading →

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