You Should Always Practice This Car Task in the Summer Time

This afternoon, as I sat researching information about health and wellness online, my wife's sister sent a text asking if we wanted to meet up at Landmark Cinema in Spruce Grove to see Pitch Perfect 3? "Hey the¬†sista wants to know if we want to go to the movie?', said my wife.¬†"Which movie? When? and... Continue Reading →


50+ Hours a Week and NOW, Its Mid-December, Ouch!

First, you and I both know its a been sometime since I sat down at the old keyboard just to hash out a few words into this here blog. My good intentions since summer have failed due to the numerous tasks mounting at work and those at home. I have been struggling probably just as... Continue Reading →

Hello 2017… into the New Year

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Happy New Year!!! The celebrations happen annually on December 31, of any given year, people around the world celebrating the end of the last year and ringing in the new year. They review their previous year, what they were involved in? What they brought to the table? How they built... Continue Reading →

In Rings a New Year 2016

The days of large house parties, tons of random strangers, glasses full of bubbly and half-naked party goers has come and gone for this guy. Over the last 8-years, those glamorous NYE parties, challenges of meeting up with everyone; on one night and the undetermined location of sleep? Has eradicated itself from my life. These... Continue Reading →

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