Nova Scotia

About three years ago, I was informed during a dinner conversation that people in Edmonton when talking about Nova Scotia or Atlantic Canada will often times refer to it as "I'm going downeast". The saying "going downeast" threw me off for a while because of course you had to travel east to arrive in Nova... Continue Reading →


Racing towards the Unknown Town of Rivière-du-Loup

From the moment she pulled the Rogue onto the roadway, her right foot depressed the gas pedal to the floorboards speeding off beside the twisting St Lawerence river. Whilst she was busy intimidating Mario Andredi, I scoured Google maps searching for a botique hotel somewhere down the asphalt. The car weaved in and out, around... Continue Reading →

Six Weeks of Summer Enjoyment as a UAV Pilot

It started with purchasing a micro-airplane in June of 2017, when I casually entered the RC shop known as Great Hobbies on the Southside of Edmonton. It was one of those RTF (Ready to fly) $150.00 planes on sale for $79.95 because the model was being discontinued. The best part of RTF airplanes is they... Continue Reading →

What is on the Horizon near Sainte-Flavie, Quebec?

"What is on the horizon," I pointed out the window, "over there behind that building. It looks like driftwood sticking out of the water? Or maybe its an old pier with no boardwalk planks," my arm now out the window as the wife slowed down from 60kmph to 30. "Your right. What is that?" she... Continue Reading →

An Afternoon near Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec

Arriving just after 3:30pm, several locals in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec were standing on this pier trying their luck at casting their fishing lines in the hopes of catching a trout, or maybe a perch, or whatever else might be biting in the Saint Lawerence river on this evening. The breeze on the pier was just too... Continue Reading →

Head North on Route 299 Beatrice Informed

"The peninsula is an amazing place full of friendly Quebec-Acadians and their history. However if you have a few days before wanting to be in Quebec City than I suggest going all the way around route 132, through the town of Gaspe. Otherwise I would suggest taking 132 until you reach the north route 299,"... Continue Reading →

Route 132 along the Restigouche River on the Gaspe Peninsula

Turning right the wife pulled our SUV onto route 132 heading east away from our ending point of Montral towards the unknown Acadian towns along the northern section of the Restigouche river. Minutes passed and we reached the first of many small towns Oak Bay, then twenty-two minutes more it was Pointe a-la Garde and... Continue Reading →

Campbellton, New Brunswick to Pointe a-la Croix, Quebec our Starting Point on the Gaspe Peninsula

Pulling into Campbellton's tourist info centre around 11:33am along Salmon Blvd., we sought to acquire information about our upcoming journey into the Gaspe Peninsula and our route less travelled. After using their facilities, we navigated the side streets until we turned right onto J.C. Van Horne Bridge and crossed the Restigouche River into Pointe a-la... Continue Reading →

Overland Decisions of Weary Eyed Travelers

After drinks in the Bathurst lounge we sat in our hotel room and decided on two things: first we were going to skip out on taking a ferry across the St Lawerence and second we were going to slow down our pace until we found a nice town to spend a few days in. With... Continue Reading →

Conversations in a Bathurst Lounge

Pursuing the menu at the lounge, the wife ordered a 9-ounce local red wine and I, a local Bathurst IPA. As we sipped our beverages, we talked and laughed about the absurd drive here. Eventually our minds rested on the 'what to do tomorrow' topic. I pulled out the ol' Samsung Note5 and fired up... Continue Reading →

Benches Along a Trail

There is a lonliness stuck between here and there in periods of life, which have wondered by in my thirtires and now taking place in my early-forties. It happens, this feeling of lonliness on Friday nights when in my twenties it was filled with phone calls to friends to set plans for the night. Those... Continue Reading →

An Unforgettable Experience in Bathurst, New Brunswick

After white knuckling it for forty-six more minutes in the blinding rainstorm we reached the city limits of Bathurst. Thankfully we did not have to change roads as route 134 took us into downtown and straight to the Best Western Plus hotel and suites. We left the SUV under the pull through and went inside... Continue Reading →

Lost on a Map in Eastern New Brunswick

I know you, you are probably thinking hey Aaron just look at a map or even better "google it" and get yourself out of there. In theory it should have been that simple. Except when the real problem we were facing was the immense rain falling at a rate faster than the windshield wipers could... Continue Reading →

Zig Zagging Across PEI’s Interior Roadway System

Twenty-two hours ago when we were handed the island map of PEI, at the information station, we may have wanted to inquire further on a couple of navigational tips because this map lookd like a fifth graders first try at cross-hatching. Honestly, the last tourist map we had which looked this intense was in Ireland,... Continue Reading →

Exploring Prince Edward Island National Park

Pulling through the six-stop signs which lead us out of the parking lot at Anne of Green Gables, we turned right heading up the hill into Cavendish, as we decided on a couple of coffees before the rain imploded around us. Before we reached the only coffee shop, the wife made a wrong turn left... Continue Reading →

Green Gables

Before ever crossing the Confederation Bridge to PEI, I was informed that every person has a specific reason as to "why" they want to fly, drive or ferry onto the smallest province of Canada. For myself, I would like to be able to say to someone, anyone, that I have a story about every province... Continue Reading →

The Giants of Mining near Fort McMurray Alberta

Every other week since June 6th, I have been travelling to Fort McMurray to consult with a client about a project we arw doing for the municipality of Wood Buffalo. During my last trip here about 4 weeks ago, I looked up "things to do in Ft McMurray" #4 was visiting the Giants of Mining... Continue Reading →

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