Kids Roping Competition at the 2013 Rainmaker Rodeo

Around 2:00pm in a light drizzling rain at the St Albert Rainmaker Rodeo on Saturday May 25th the announcer introduced 8-teams from throughout Central Alberta competing in the Kids Roping Competition. As this was my first time ever witnessing this event, I decided on the spot to capture the action using my video camera rather than stills. And I sure am extremely happy with the results.

Rodeo Day Cattle Corral
Rodeo Day Cattle Corral

During the introduction of the 8-teams in the competition you learn the kids range in age from about 7-to-12 years old and the team is made up of 3-kids in any combination of gender. The objective of the team is to hold onto a tether attached to the bridle of a Shetland Pony while subduing it within an 18-second window just long enough for one of your  team members to climb, hop or jump onto the ponies back. If your team member successfully mounts the pony within the 18-second window a judge times the length of the bareback riding each kid does. This length of time in seconds is the teams score. And subsequently the time in seconds the other teams must beat by catching and riding their pony. Each team is given a single chance within the 18-second window to corral and ride their pony.

Being Cowboy-Kid at the Rodeo
Being Cowboy-Kid at the Rodeo

(c) 2013 JacksonCrabb Photography

Are you ready to witness the very best little Cowboy and Cowgirl rodeo day action?

Yes, you are! Now just click on this LIVE RECORDED feed to watch all the action from the

2013 Rainmaker Rodeo Kids Competition!


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