The Formula for Travelling with Less Luggage

The formula for travelling with less luggage begins with a list of questions for you to think about when you need to pack your luggage for your domestic or international travels. This formula began to develop with every trip I personally took to the airport as I observed other travellers and their relationships with their luggage. … More The Formula for Travelling with Less Luggage

Luggage and the 12-hours before Departure

In 12-hours, the car will be packed with carry-on luggage consisting of one backpack, one 19-inch roller and a small messenger bag. If you actually saw these items, sitting together in the airport then you might just image all of this luggage belonging to a single traveller embarking on a vacation. Of course, in this photo right … More Luggage and the 12-hours before Departure

Getting Lost in 2-way Portable Radio Communications

In passing through the web, you may have accidentally come across the term “ham radio“, and like myself you probably ignored the term and just kept on surfing the web. As it turns out, about four years ago, I started working for a small telecommunications company whose sole purpose is selling 2-way radio networks, designed networks, … More Getting Lost in 2-way Portable Radio Communications

2-Way Radio, the Hub of Communication

It all started a few years back when I applied for a job at a small telecommunications company which primarily services 2-way radio network clients, digital infrastructure, and building radio networks. Back then, I was a lowly clerk, learning the ropes from inside a warehouse, understanding day-to-day operations, invoicing and having an extremely small understanding … More 2-Way Radio, the Hub of Communication

What to do when Temperatures Dip Below Zero Degrees?

From mid-April to mid-November, all across Alberta there are hundreds of blue ponds which residents and visitors attend to for recreational purposes. These ponds and lakes are used by outdoor enthusiasts who will canoe, kayak, boat, fish, swim, hydroplane, scuba dive and more throughout the year. And when the temperatures dip below zero degrees and … More What to do when Temperatures Dip Below Zero Degrees?

Winter Activities in Central Alberta

In Central Alberta, winter can arrive in early October sometimes as late as December. Around this part of the country, you can nearly predict, the week the weather is going to change as the temperatures drastically dip and the first Arctic blast crystallizes the beauty of Autumns’ leaves. When I traveled overseas there was always this gradual change … More Winter Activities in Central Alberta

The Parking Lot

Drawing on the last bits of energy from another long and exhausting week at the office, my right hand picks up the wireless mouse, turning it over to flick off the power button. I set the mouse into the top drawer on top of pens, board markers and the office toothbrush. It’s an idealistic gesture at … More The Parking Lot


Over the course of my life, I have struggled time and time again with my weight. 80% of the time, I am a lean 200-pound guy, who enjoys working out, playing sports and eating healthy. Between July 2009 and November 2011, I breathed and lived fitness. I was a fanatic. I spent countless hours at … More Weight

Untitled Composition

These eyes are fixated on the last sliver of space between the edge of the clouds and the horizon line. Ultra-violet shades of blue-green shimmering as the final glow of the day disappears. It feels like neglect watching those final minutes of time settle out of reach. Its just another realization of yet another fallen day. … More Untitled Composition

How Do You Kick Start Your Morning Coffee?

Here’s the thing, everyone makes their coffee in a unique way. For instance, my wife precisely measures out each “heaping” scoop of medium blend Columbian coffee dumping it into the drip coffee maker’s white paper pouch and smoothing it out to an even consistency so that when the water drips through the machine onto the … More How Do You Kick Start Your Morning Coffee?

If You Sold Everything You Owned What Would You Do?

Every traveler, I have ever met, at some point has made the same mistake and will always tell you, that they’d make that same mistake again; “I sold everything I owned, packed my clothes, bought a plane ticket and left my home country.” It’s the traveler’s code that one most live by, selling all your … More If You Sold Everything You Owned What Would You Do?

Kids Roping Competition at the 2013 Rainmaker Rodeo

Around 2:00pm in a light drizzling rain at the St Albert Rainmaker Rodeo on Saturday May 25th the announcer introduced 8-teams from throughout Central Alberta competing in the Kids Roping Competition. As this was my first time ever witnessing this event, I decided on the spot to capture the action using my video camera rather … More Kids Roping Competition at the 2013 Rainmaker Rodeo

Get the Gear You Need for the Adventure You Seek

Can you smell that? Yep, its Spring showers… and just around the corner are long Summer days filled with blue skies, gigantic white marshmallow clouds and really long daylight hours. All the more reason to stock up now with the latest recreational gear and gadgets. A couple of years back, while  I was living in … More Get the Gear You Need for the Adventure You Seek

Healthy Eating

The ultimate concession is getting yourself situated in a mind set where you understand that Nutrition plays as BIG a part as getting yourself to the gym. You need to learn to build a routine based both around the gym and around what you are putting into your body. There are 1,000 or more different … More Healthy Eating

Just for Laughs

This article means nothing. it is just for laughs. or practice… its a rant. a simple delusion of membrane. it is the justification of writing at midnight. and the determination to get something down on paper. before the eyelids flutter and close out today. it wasssss just one more day. after all. “Dedication” by Aaron … More Just for Laughs