1. Racing towards the Unknown Town of Rivière-du-Loup

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    January 12, 2019 by Distracted in Alberta

    From the moment she pulled the Rogue onto the roadway, her right foot depressed the gas pedal to the floorboards …
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  2. Six Weeks of Summer Enjoyment as a UAV Pilot

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    January 4, 2019 by Distracted in Alberta

    It started with purchasing a micro-airplane in June of 2017, when I casually entered the RC shop known as Great …
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  3. What is on the Horizon near Sainte-Flavie, Quebec?

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    November 15, 2018 by Distracted in Alberta

    “What is on the horizon,” I pointed out the window, “over there behind that building. It looks like driftwood sticking …
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  4. An Afternoon near Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec

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    November 14, 2018 by Distracted in Alberta

    Arriving just after 3:30pm, several locals in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec were standing on this pier trying their luck at casting their …
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  5. Head North on Route 299 Beatrice Informed

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    November 13, 2018 by Distracted in Alberta

    “The peninsula is an amazing place full of friendly Quebec-Acadians and their history. However if you have a few days …
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  6. Route 132 along the Restigouche River on the Gaspe Peninsula

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    November 11, 2018 by Distracted in Alberta

    Turning right the wife pulled our SUV onto route 132 heading east away from our ending point of Montral towards …
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  7. Campbellton, New Brunswick to Pointe a-la Croix, Quebec our Starting Point on the Gaspe Peninsula

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    November 11, 2018 by Distracted in Alberta

    Pulling into Campbellton’s tourist info centre around 11:33am along Salmon Blvd., we sought to acquire information about our upcoming journey …
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