A Promise about Pickled Eggs and Blogging

The one thing that I promised myself to do is to publish more on this blog. Make myself push myself type myself into creating something out of this thing called “blogging”. What I am finding is that I am involved in too many extra curricular activities to settle on ONE topic. I find myself one day thinking about photography and within 5-minutes I am off thinking about hiking, reading a book about blogging, checking out my next movie from the library, deciding on what to do for vacation in April and of course doing research on my next new piece of technology: laptop or tablet.

It’s all one BIG game for me. I love to write. I am a terrific photographer (or at least that is what I am told). And I love being outside. I should Vlog. I just don’t like the idea of having to “edit” at home, to make sure my “video” is of an adequate nature for others to view. I like it raw.

Interestingly enough, I have been eating like a Vegan, for nearly 6 months. Of course, I have relapsed, who doesn’t relapse. I had a chunk of Turkey at Christmas. And someone added bacon to the Indian food during a meal at a friend’s house. What I have not come to pass though is how much I love the raw crisp crunch of veggies. I can eat veggies. I love veggies. Actually the doctor is always surprised when we go over the “what does your weekly meal plan look like?” topic when I am getting the old annual checkup.

Here it is. Winner. 1st blog entry of the year.

Feels pretty good too.

So, I am going to work on just writing for a while. Just putting words to the Blog and see where it carries me. Oh yea. This blog… it might go through several “phases” as I try to sort out what it all means? And what I think it should look like. So sit back. Grab a beverage and… well I hope you enjoy whatever comes next.

See yea around,